How Packaging Can Increase Sales?

March 22, 2023 admin

Since more than seventy in 100 shoppers say that packaging influences their purchase decisions. Companies need to consider their packaging way not just from a functionality standpoint but also from that of marketing and sales. So, how packaging can increase sales?

As Steve Jobs once said, “Packaging can be theatre; it can create a story.” So it’s time to make sure your packaging is creating a story with fascinated design. In this article, as Baş Group we will talk about 7 ways to increase sales by personalized packaging for your business.

  1. Tell Your Product’s Story

Tell your product’s story through your packaging. It is effective and it can establish an easy line with your customers. Sometimes, it is the only source of communication between the customers and the saler. A personalized packaging communicates the business’s story, the idea behind the concept, and the quality you stand by.

  1. Impress Your Customer

The key is that to engage your customer right when they open the packaging of your products. Your packaging must be such that it stimulates their senses to what is about to see and it should celebrate the joy of the unknown. A personalized packaging gives them attention and lets them enjoy unboxing their product. It adds an element of surprise and provides an exciting experience for the customers to enjoy.

  1. Provide Key Message

The packaging can be the final key that pushes customers to decide. Studies indicate that well-designed packaging can stimulate impulse buying. For example, if you mention calorie count and health benefits, like sugar-free food, on packages, your health-conscious customers won’t need to be thought twice before making the purchase. So make sure you add a compelling image and a key message design that your customers are looking for.

  1. Add Instructions On The Packaging

Packaging is usually the first line of communication between your product and customers. Personalized packaging design has room for many details, which ensures you can add a customized message there.

  1. Show Environmental Awareness

Most of the restaurants have shifted to sustainable packaging choices, you can make that choice too. The packagings should be such that they contribute less to the rising environmental concerns. You can highlight on the package that it is sustainable, recyclable and can be reused. You can also add the ecological logos to consider your packaging’s sustainability.

  1. Create Interaction On Social Media

If you take a creative approach to your packaging, it can gain a serious traction on social media. This also depends on how engaging you can make the experience. Multiple investors are investing in social media today, and one cannot ignore the advantages and lead generation it brings. For example, the pictures or unboxing videos of your packaging can be posted by your customers on social media and ultimately attract more customers. Therefore, crafting an online presence is crucial for the world to witness.

  1. Mobile Marketing Instrument

Customized packaging ultimately serves as a mobile marketing instrument. Delivering your brand’s story to your customers is a way to reach a wider audience, and when your packaging is on display, it spikes their curiosity. For example, cunsomers may be drawn towards the unique packaging and try to find out which restaurant serves food this way. So it can help you widen your customer base. In addition, advertising is a prerequisite in the current world, and having your packaging as a marketing instrument puts your brand out there for the world to see and interpret.

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