We take care to fulfill our responsibilities to our employees, partners,
competitors, society and humanity.

Our Responsibilities Towards Our Employees

Our employees represent the workforce, future and production potential of Baş Group. It is our goal to create a business environment where people will be happy and proud to work. Baş Group managers are obliged to treat employees equally and fairly by adhering to the values and principles.

Our Economic Responsibilities

Our most important economic responsibility is to contribute to the country’s economy in export-oriented productivity and growth. By increasing the national added value in the products we produce, we will make a positive contribution to our national income and trade balance.

Our Responsibilities Towards Our Competitors

Baş Group acts with the principle of fair competition and does not engage in practices that will create unfair competition against its competitors. Avoids unethical behavior such as industrial espionage. Competitors are competed only in legal and ethical areas.

Our Responsibilities Towards Our Suppliers

Baş Group avoids commercial practices that will put its suppliers in a difficult position. It also expects its suppliers to act in accordance with business ethics while producing for it. In relations with suppliers and business partners, they are treated fairly and respectfully.

Our Legal Responsibilities

Baş Group adopts as a business ethics principle to comply with local and international agreements and to comply with the legal frameworks of the foreign countries where it does business. All activities and transactions are carried out within the framework of legal and regulatory obligations.

Our Responsibilities Towards the Natural Environment

While continuing its activities, Baş Group aims not to harm the nature or to take measures to minimize the possible damage. It ensures that the products it produces are environmentally friendly, both in the design and production stages.

Our Responsibilities Towards Our Customers

Baş Group aims to offer products at global quality standards to its customers. It provides after-sales services that will ensure customer satisfaction after sales and delivery. It takes all kinds of complaints from both corporate and final consumers seriously and tries to find a solution.

Our Moral Responsibilities

Creating an ethical working environment in all units of Baş Group is our most important moral responsibility. With fair and honest business practices, high standards in ethical behavior rules are adopted as a moral target for both employees and managers.

Our Responsibilities Towards Our Partners

Within the framework of Baş Group’s strategic objectives; Sustainable growth and business continuity are given importance, and it is aimed to create value for partners. Unmanageable risks are avoided. It acts within the framework of financial discipline and accountability.

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Head Office

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European Office

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